Weather in Cancun

Cancun weather boasts only 35 days a year where the maximum temperature doesn't hit 80F and with a third of the year over 90F Mexico is hot! You are virtually guaranteed 80 degrees any time from April right through to the end of October. There are two rainy seasons from May through to June and then October through to December.

Rain can be heavy at times in Cancun, but it is unlikely to rain for the whole of your trip. Often a heavy downpour will be followed by bright sunshine an hour later.

Cancun weather is a strange phenomenon. Often in downtown Cancun it can be raining, while only a mile further away in the Hotel Zone blue skies and sunshine will prevail.

For this reason you should always take the weather forecast with a pinch of salt. It's common for rain to be predicted every day at certain times of the year, but often I never see a drop. It probably rained somewhere, but not on me! And even when it does rain, it is so balmy that you will feel like you are enjoying a refreshing shower!