Cancun Night Life

When the sun sets on Cancun, it’s time to hit the town and visitors looking to party will be pleased to find there is no shortage. Nightlife in Cancun is among the most lively and entertaining in all of Mexico’s sunny destinations, with a plethora of bars, dance clubs, piano bars, lounges, sports bars, and live music options offering everything from jazz to Latin rhythms, blues and rock ‘n roll. Home to the famous saying "what happens in Cancun stays in Cancun" it's non-stop turbo charged entertainment all the way. If you can't have a good night out in Cancun you can't anywhere!

The nightlife in Cancun can be split roughly into two categories.

Cancun Night Clubs

?The 'superclubs' such as Coco Bongo, Dady O, The City, Dady Rock and Bulldog. These venues have capacity for thousands and all offer nightly entertainment. In Cancun it's not a case of just going to a club sitting back having a drink and maybe a dance.
There's something new happening every few minutes, from fantastic circus type performances, giant video screens, the famous Cancun bikini contests, mime artists, crazy waiters and bubble balloons and ticker tape. 

Party Hopper Tour 

It's not uncommon for the major Cancun nightclubs to carry on going until 6 in the morning. A night out at one of the bigger Cancun nightclubs will not be forgotten ...... no matter how much you drink!
For this type of nightclub you should expect to pay around $35 or $40 for open bar. "Open Bar" in Cancun means that for the one single entrance price all drinks are included. Open bar and most of the clubs finishes at 3am, if you decide to stay later than that then you'll have to pay by the drink as you go.

Cancun Bars

A night out in Cancun doesn’t have to be at one of the big clubs there are scores of bars in Cancun such as Corona Bar, Dos Equis Bar, Terrasta, Senor Frogs, Carlos N Charlie's, My Place, Lucky Monkey and Congo Bar that make for a great night out.
The majority of these offer food during the day and some also during the evening. But at night the emphasis most definitely changes from that of a restaurant to a busy bar with entertainment, competitions, and customer participation.
These types of bars usually close around 1am. In addition to the regular pay by the drink deal, open bar deals are also on offer with prices normally ranging from $20 to $30 for 3 hours, although Senor Frogs is closer to $40.

Tips for a great Cancun night out

To enjoy your night out in Cancun to the maximum there are a few tips you should be aware of.

  • The nightlife scene is one place where tipping should be up front in order to ensure good service. Many waiters will take care of you all night with a decent up front tip. Annoy the wrong waiter by not tipping and you could have a very long wait for your drinks.
  • Beware of shot girls who roam the club looking to sell tequila or Jell-O shots. Although fun and great photo opportunities, they can be very persuasive. At $2 per shot plus tip make sure you don't go overboard and order three shots for each of your group of five!
  • The alcohol served is generally not great quality. Although there does seem to be a general move towards serving better quality over the last few years.
  • If ordering by the drink, preferably pay at each round. If not, keep count on your drinks and examine your check carefully.
  • Cancun clubs can be very busy places and moving through them can be slow, don't get lost! Try and memorize where the exits and bathrooms are.
  • Keep an eye on your drinks at all times and do not accept drinks from strangers. This goes for guys as well as girls! 
  • Don't leave cameras on tables, or your bag hanging from your seat.